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The Exchange District

Customs Examining Warehouse 145 McDermot
The Inland Revenue Building is a massive structure located on the northeast corner of Rorie and McDermot. It was initially constructed to house the Inland Revenue Branch of the Dominion Government.

Porter/Galpern Building 165 McDermot
McDermot has always been a commercial area, and today a substantial turn-of-the century streetscape still exists between 165-179 McDermot Avenue beginning at the intersection of Rorie Street and McDermot Avenue.

Dawson Richardson Building
(Pockets Bar) 169-171 McDermot Avenue

Located at 171 McDermot, the Dawson Richardson Building was completed in late 1921 and was the last structure to be built along this street.

Grange Building/Mitchell Block 173 McDermot
Built at a cost of $7,000, the Mitchell Block was decorated with an ornate exterior much of which is now missing, although decorative window details have survived.

Toronto Type Foundry Building 175 McDermot
Built by its designer, David Ede, as a speculative venture during Winnipeg's 1881-82 land boom, this three-storey brick warehouse is the oldest of the six buildings on the north side of McDermot Avenue between Main and Rorie streets.

T.W. Taylor Building 177 McDermot Avenue
Built in 1882, this two-storey brick structure was a printing plant and book bindery which remained in business until the late 1960s.

W.F. Alloway Building 179 McDermot Avenue
The Alloway and Champion Building reflects the innovative spirit of an 1879 partnership which became one of the largest private banks in Western Canada.

Lake of the Woods House
(Mayberry Gallery) 212 McDermot Avenue

The high-quality Five Roses brand of flour produced from western canadian grain helped the Lake of The Woods Milling Company become the second largest milling company in Canada at the turn of the century.

The Criterion Hotel 214 McDermot Avenue
The Criterion Hotel, built in 1903, was one of many hotels established in the area to accommodate the thousands of arriving travellers.

Silvester-Willson Building 222 McDermot
Built in 1904, for A. Lee Willson, 222 McDermot Avenue contained the offices of A. Silvester, Hardware & Lumber Merchant of Elkhorn, Manitoba and H. Willson of Willson Stationery Co. of Winnipeg.

Lyon Block/Bate Building 217-225 McDermot
This brick building was erected in 1883 and was well constructed, with oversized joists and a stone foundation. The details and quality of the brickwork on the Lyon Block made its design especially notable and successful.

Mariaggi Hotel
(The Albert Block) 227-237 McDermot Avenue

The Albert Block was originally constructed as the Alexander Apartment House in 1901 as a real estate investment for J. S. Tupper, W. J. Tupper and Walter Sacklling. In 1903, Frank Mariaggi, who had come west with the Red River Expedition in 1871, converted the block into a luxurious European-style hotel.

Stovel Block/Kay Building 245 McDermot
Stovel Printing moved to a three-storey location on McDermot and Arthur Street. In 1900, two storeys and an extension to King Street were added. In 1916 the building was gutted by fire but the walls remained and it was rebuilt.

Thompson, Codville Company Building
(Sures Building) 246 McDermot Avenue

Situated between the elaborate Telegram Building, built around the same time, and the Geo. D. Wood Building of the 1890s, this warehouse is a rare example of a modest-sized structure of the city’s first boom period that has not been significantly altered.

Merchants/George Woods Building
250 McDermot

The George D. Woods Building, now known as the Merchants Building, was built in 1898 to house the wholesale hardware business of George Duncan Woods.

Stobart Building
(Bedford Building) 281 McDermot Avenue

At one point there were nineteen rail lines connecting Winnipeg to the rest of Canada as the city became the supply point for Western Canadian settlement. One of the finest warehouses to rise up from this prosperous time was built by F.W. Stobart, Sons & Co. in 1903.

Maltese Cross Building 286 McDermot Avenue
This fireproof warehouse was constructed for the Gutta Percha and Rubber Co. Ltd. of Toronto. Manufacturers of 'Maltese Cross' and 'Lion' businesses in Winnipeg under the name Winnipeg Rubber Company.

Wilson Building (Allen Building) 288 McDermot
This six-storey brick building was constructed in 1905 for the J.C. Wilson Company, a Quebec-based paper products manufacturer and wholesaler.

Glengarry Block 290 McDermot Avenue
The Glengarry Block, on the south side of McDermot Avenue between Princess and King streets, was another one of John Duncan McArthur’s speculative investments in Winnipeg.

Daylite Building 296 McDermot Avenue
Originally four storeys high, the Daylite Building was designed and constructed in 1899 by James H. Cadham on the corner of McDermot and Princess in the western half of the warehouse district.





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