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The Exchange District

Albert Street Business Block 38-44 Albert Street
On the west side of Albert Street near Notre Dame Avenue, sits an unassuming mixed-use structure that began as a residence in 1877.

Royal Albert Arms Hotel 48 Albert Street
The Royal Albert Hotel was one of a series of hotels built in Winnipeg’s boom years between 1900 and World War I.

Gregg Building 52 Albert Street
George R. Gregg, a salesman and manufacturer’s agent founded his company in Winnipeg in 1897.

Dingwall Building 62 Albert Street
Donald Ross Dingwall arrived in Winnipeg during the boom years of the early 1880s He had learned the jewelry and watchmaking trade as an apprentice in Montreal and established a company to manufacture and sell his exclusive line of men’s and women’s jewelry and watches.

Hammond Building 63 Albert Street
William J. Hammond, was a hat merchant who had come from Toronto in 1896, moving his millinery store from Main Street into his new building on Albert Street in 1902.

Telegram Building 70 Albert Street
One of the first large buildings in this former residential district; however, by 1900 the area was known to Winnipeggers as the “warehouse district”. 

Western Building (Schmidt Foundry) 90 Albert
Built in 1901 of solid buff-coloured brick on a stone foundation, the Schmidt Foundry cost $6,000 and consists of three storeys on a raised basement. 

Imperial Dry Goods Block 91 Albert Street
Originally constructed as a retail outlet for R.J. Whitla and Company, dry goods wholesalers, this three-storey structure originally extended from a front door entrance on Main Street to Albert Street.

Reliable Service Station 96-98 Albert Street
Located on an unusual wedge of land bordered by Albert Street, Arthur Street and Bannatyne Avenue, this property was formerly occupied by houses during the 1890’s.

Whitla Block 70 Arthur Street
The Arthur Street facility was the third building built by the R. J. Whitla firm in the vicinity of Main and Arthur.

Gault Block (Art Space) 92-104 Arthur Street
This massive structure was built in two sections. The first building was constructed in 1900. A six-storey addition to the south was built in 1903 with a two-storey addition to the original four-storey built at the same time.

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