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Customs Examining Warehouse

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The Inland Revenue Building is a massive structure located on the northeast corner of Rorie and McDermot. It was initially constructed to house the Inland Revenue Branch of the Dominion Government.

The original Customs House in Winnipeg was constructed in 1874 at 198 Main Street. It was decided in 1907 that a larger facility was needed and the proximity of the location to downtown business district weighed heavily in its selection. A "Call for Tender" was issued for the construction of the design by the architectural staff in the Department of Public Works, under the supervision of David Ewart, Chief Architect. The construction tender of $270,000 was awarded to McDiarmid Co. Ltd.






Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1908 Inventory Brick façades on all four sides, steel and concrete construction, denticulated metal cornice, subtle stone decoration over windows. 4 storeys/74.850 total floor space

Original Use Present Use Address Architect

Department of Inland Revenue customs examining warehouse used to inspect grain shipments.

Warehouse 145 McDermot Avenue Department of Public Works





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