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Riel House

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Riel House was built in 1880-81. The land on which the house stands (lot 51), had been given to Julie Riel on the death of her husband in 1864 by Bishop Taché o.m.i. . Julie and her children first lived in a house at the Seine River end of Lot 51. Most of the timbers from this building were re-used in the construction of the present house, here at the Red River end of the lot.

Louis Riel himself never actually resided in this house. He visited only briefly in the summer of 1883, but it was here that Riel's body lay in state for two days in December of 1885 following his execution for his involvement in the North-West Rebellion. It was also in this house that his young wife, Marguerite, died in May of 1886.





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Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1880-1881 National Historic Site

Red River frame construction.

2 storeys

Original Use Present Use Address Architect
Residence Museum

330 River Road



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