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Seven Oaks House

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John Inkster’s Red River home is one of Winnipeg’s oldest surviving habitable houses. Built on his Kildonan farm in 1851, it was used as a private residence for a full century before being restored and reopened in 1958 as the Seven Oaks House Museum.

Inkster (1799-1874) was a stonemason from the Orkney Islands who came to Rupert’s Land with the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). A few years after his arrival in c.1821, he opted to become an independent trader, freighter and farmer in the Red River Settlement rather than serve out his HBC contract.





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Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1851-1853 Municipal, Grade I, 1997


2 storeys

Original Use Present Use Address Architect
Residence Museum

115 Rupertsland Avenue East

John Inkster


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