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Principal Sparling School

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Principal Sparling School was named in honour of Reverend Dr. Joseph Walter Sparling (1842-1912), a theologian and educator known as "the Father of Winnipeg Methodism." Sparling attended universities in his native Ontario and in Illinois before being ordained in 1871. He served in Belleville, Ottawa, Kingston, and Montreal, then was sent to Winnipeg in 1888 to establish Wesley College (now the University of Winnipeg). He was instrumental in founding several of the city's Methodist churches.

Manitoba’s student enrolment was growing quickly as a result of immigration and natural population increases at the turn of the century. Like many other public institutions, the District was hard-pressed to meet service demands caused by this growth.




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Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1912-1913 Municipal Grade II, 1993

Classically detailed Tyndall quarry limestone portico.

3 storeys

Original Use Present Use Address Architect
School School 1150 Sherburn Street J.B. Mitchell


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