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Marlborough Hotel

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In 1890, Leonardo Emma and Giuseppe Panaro opened what became a popular fruit store and restaurant on the east side of Main Street between McDermot and Bannatyne avenues. Brother’s Agostino and Giuseppe Badali had also started a fruit store, located at northeast Portage Avenue and Smith Street. After a brief displacement due to construction in 1905, they returned to the site to operate the successful Olympia Café, on the ground floor of the Kensington Building.

The four men pooled their resources to purchase property on Smith Street just north of the café in 1910, and three years later, began to build the first three floors of a planned nine-storey hotel. Marble, stained glass and other finishing materials were imported as they were determined to create a first-class hotel. An experienced manager was hired from the Château Laurier in Ottawa.


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Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1913 NA NA 9 storeys

Original Use Present Use Address Architect


Hotel 331 Smith Street James Chisholm and Son, 1913; J.H.G. Russell, 1921-23


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