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Canadian Pacific Railway Station (Aboriginal Cultural Centre)

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In 1878, Sir John A. Macdonald and his government’s National Policy boldly pushed Canada’s development with the building of a transcontinental railway that would connect all regions of the country and push rapid settlement of the west.

A critical issue of Winnipeg’s business and political leaders was securing direct access to the transcontinental rail line by whatever means. Initial plans called for the line to run through Selkirk, however Winnipeg had already commenced building of connecting lines and put together an attractive offer to the CPR. Called a bribe at the time by speculators that lost out, the city offered land for a station, $300,000 for a bridge, $200,000 in cash and tax relief into perpetuity if the CPR located its main line, workshops, stockyards and other facilities in Winnipeg. The CPR agreed and the government secured 270 hectares northwest of Point Douglas for the station.


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Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1904-1905 NA NA 2 storeys

Original Use Present Use Address Architect

Railway Station

Aboriginal Cultural Centre

181 Higgins Avenue Edward and William S. Maxwell (Montreal)


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