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Ukrainian Labour Temple

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The Ukrainian Labour Temple was built in 1918 by the Ukrainian Labour Temple Association (ULTA). Several meetings had raised $5,600 and architect R. E. Davies designed a structure containing an auditorium, print shop, and offices, as well as classroom and library space. The hall’s main floor and balcony capacity held 1,000 people.

Built at a cost of $72,000, of which workers had contributed $50,000. The hall quickly became a center of trade unionism and socialist politics. The country’s first Ukrainian newspaper, Robochy Narod (Working People), was published from this location by the ULTA, operating as an affiliate of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party. Both the paper and the party were banned by a Canadian government decision in September, 1918 to ban radical or anti-war groups.




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Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1918 Municipal, 1997, grade II

Exterior faced with cut stone and fawn-coloured, sand-lime brick.

2 Storeys

Original Use Present Use Address Architect
Cultural Hall Cultural Hall 591 Pritchard Avenue R.E. Davies


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