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The Exchange District

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Canadian General Electric Building
(Greater Winnipeg Gas Building)

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This building was constructed for the Canadian General Electric Company (CGE), a Toronto-based manufacturer and distributor that began operating in Winnipeg around 1893.  As Winnipeg’s use of electricity grew for a wider range of appliances and fixtures in Winnipeg, the firm had to relocate several times to accommodate increased consumer demand.

Unlike many local businesses, protective tariffs and less direct dependence on the wheat economy allowed the privately funded construction of this building during the early years of the Great Depression. Built in a transitional zone bridging Winnipeg's warehouse and downtown commercial districts, its Art Deco styling was a marked departure from nearby offices and warehouses, many of which featured neoclassical designs popular prior to World War I.




Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1930 Municipal, 1988, grade III

Tyndal quarry limestone and dark brick.

5 storeys/36,000 total floor space

Original Use Present Use Address Architect

Utility Building

Offices 265 Notre Dame Avenue/35 King Street

Northwood and Chivers





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